Mission Statement

At Stepping Stones, we are fostering the next generation of scholars and exceptional learners that truly believe in the values of their knowledge and creativity. For over 20 years with Stepping Stones Children Center, our educators have continuously strived towards a more dynamic learning experience through meaningful arts integration and project-based learning. As we set to begin our inaugural school year at the new campus, we will continue to develop our educational virtues, and cultivate a strong growth mindset among our students. Through our academic and creative environment, we hope to equip our students to engage the world with curiosity and thoughtfulness while establishing their sense of purpose.



With just fifteen children and three teachers, Stepping Stones School was founded on February 1, 1992, with the aim of providing high quality education to children in the city of La Palma. The school experienced immediate and rapid growth. In order to meet the growing demand, the school underwent construction and renovations for four years. After the 21st anniversary of Stepping Stones School, another location opened in Fullerton, Stepping Stones Children’s Center. The seven-year long process of building the new campus began with the purchase of a small horse ranch in Fullerton and ended with the completed transformation of a beautiful campus that now stands on the corner of Harbor and Hermosa today. In the beginning, the school implemented the Montessori practices before adopting the Reggio Emilia approach in 2003. Focusing on the social-emotional, creative, and linguistic development of a child’s “100 languages,” Stepping Stones continues to remain committed to creating a learning environment and program that inspires and challenges young learners.




Stepping Stones Academy of Art and Science was a dream and a vision of the founders ever since the first school was established in 1992.  After expanding to two successful locations serving preschool and Kindergarten students, Stepping Stones has now blossomed to a K-6th grade elementary school. The first year will begin with K-2nd grades and continue to grow a new grade level every year. Through the years, Stepping Stones has undergone so many changes both physically with our buildings and educationally with our program philosophies, but the foundation and mission of Stepping Stones remains unchanged: to provide love and care so our young children can learn and thrive.